Advan Software Systems



Leveraging on past experiences and challenges, we have developed a set of information technology tools and frameworks that readily solve business problems. Our project managers and information technology experts build on these existing frameworks to develop tailor-made systems for our clients. These systems can be customized to improve operational capacity and efficiency by

  • Managing projects and contracts
  • Managing online/appointment booking
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Integrating all business departments together



Integrated calendars will help business owners and managers to see what staff are doing with ease.


Projects can be assigned to a staff by the management and everything can be monitored via the application.


Quoting and invoicing is made much more straightforward by creating both through one application


Document storage that can be accessed from anywhere via the application


With only one application in use there is no need to be constantly switching between applications to complete on task.


Construction Industry

  • Creation of contracts and budget allocation
  • Submission of online reports for job done
  • Inventory tracking system
  • Custom paint application module
  • Custom “dropbox” file archive system

Lawfirm Industry

  • Creation of file cases for legal transactions
  • Customer Database Management
  • Auto generation of information into online forms
  • Generation of PDF(s)
  • Appointment Booking platform

Farming & Manufacturing Industry

  • Procurement Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Retail Outlet Management

Printing Industry

  • Custom Customer login
  • Interactive sales order module
  • Quotation & Sales Order Tracking
  • Custom Email notifications
  • Integrated with E-commerce front end

Multi Level Marketing Industry

  • Products Management
  • Hierarchy tier Management
  • Multi Level Affiliates Management
  • Custom commission auto calculation
  • Membership renewal management

Billboard & Kiosk Industry

  • Integration of complete hardware and software system
  • NRIC registered locker recognition
  • Auto run advertorial display with live sync
  • CCTV Installation


Every project begins with an in-depth consultation. Our experienced consultants will meet up with the potential clients to understand their business operations. As the industry and business processes of each client is different, it is important to establish a clear understanding of each client’s business process before analyzing further. After which, our consultants will identify the underlying inefficiencies faced by the client. It is also part of the consultant’s roles to gather feedback and information from the different departments of the client’s operations. The consultant will access the case at hand, and make recommendations accordingly.

After obtaining a definite project scope from the client, the consultant will finalize a quotation and project value with the rest of the team. The quotation will be sent to the client and is valid for a certain time.

Upon deciding to go ahead with a project, the client is obliged to make a percentage payment for our team to start working on the project. The quantum of the first deposit is usually 30-50% of the total project value. The remaining payment can be split up into different milestones, proposed by the consultant and agreed by the client. Payment terms differ on a case by case basis.

Our qualified UI and UX designers will design the proposed solution on the front end so that the system will be user friendly and easy to navigate.

Our consultants work together with our project managers and developers to complete the development of the project. In the project development phase, our consultants and/or project managers will liaise with the clients to gather any required information and assist in the user acceptance testing and troubleshooting. Our project managers employ the following steps to manage each unique project:

  • Initiation
  • Planning and Design
  • Execution and Construction
  • Monitoring and Controlling system
  • Testing and Completion

After the project’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has been completed, the consultant or project manager will conduct a former handover of the product.